Book Review: Snapshot by Angie Stanton

Blurb: when Marti, the reluctant rock princess, and Adam, the undercover guitar wizard, meet, sparks fly in more ways than one. They spend their time alternating between making out and driving each other crazy. But their summer adventures of skinny dipping, storm watching, and stolen kisses are brought to a halt when tragedy strikes.

Suddenly, they’re on opposite sides of the country, just when they need each other the most. Can Marti survive life with her dad and his vicious girlfriend? Will Adam get so fed up with his over-managed life and controlling parents that he quits the band?

Snapshot. A moment in time that changes two people forever.



Sleepless Points: imagesimagesimagesimages

Genre: Young Adult

Length: 340 Pages

Published: 2012 by Vanguard Management, Inc.





After giving some thought about what I’m really feel, I come up with this several things:

1. The plot of Snapshot isn’t different form Rock and a Hard Place the first book of The Jamieson Collection. Two teenagers fall deeply in love (at first sight). They spend all of their time together but unfortunately they are forced to be apart … the boy has to go on a tour (or whatever he has to do for a band) and the girl has her own conflict at home. However, even if the concept of the story is old and simple, I still like it. I feel that the story is smoother than the first one. I feel the passionate between two main characters. I love how the story comes out at the end (even though I don’t feel like it’s the end of the book). I really want to read more (make it the never ending story).

2. I complained about the written style in the previous book. So I have to take back my words since I like the written style of Snapshot (which is exactly the same). It’s really flow; I’m moved by Angie Stanton’s words.

3. The characters in Snapshot are really strange (in a good way). Marti is really grow up (smart at something but sometime she’s really not so clever … I think grow up is the word that suits her since grow up people always makes stupid mistakes) and rational which is different from Adam. He’s so childish and reckless; however, he also has some good things. He has a good heart and he stays true to himself (even if it’s little too late). Friends in the camp are great and supportive (I think). The great Steven Hunter fails me in many possible ways especially as a father. And his behavior … let’s just say most of talented people have their odd (and crazy) things.

4. The love (relationship) between Marti and Adam starts at a really young age. So, in my opinion, it’s too solid and too perfect. They also have some disagreement and some things to argue about. I love that because it makes whatever they have seem more real. However, I do like the sweetness in this book.

I like it. It’s easy to read and you can end its in one day since, in my case, I can’t put it down.



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