Book Review: Never Knowing by Chevy Stevens

Blurb: At thirty-three Sara Gallagher is finally happy. Her antique furniture restoration business is taking off and she’s engaged to a wonderful man. But there’s one big question that still haunts her — who are her birth parents? Sara is finally ready to find out.

Sara’s birth mother rejects her—again. Then she discovers her biological father is an infamous killer who’s been hunting women every summer for almost forty years. Sara tries to come to terms with her horrifying parentage — and her fears that she’s inherited more than his looks — with her therapist, Nadine, who we first met in “Still Missing.” But soon Sara realizes the only thing worse than finding out your father is a killer is him finding out about you.

Some questions are better left unanswered.

“Never knowing” is a complex and compelling portrayal of one woman’s quest to understand where she comes from. That is, if she can survive…



Sleepless Points: imagesimagesimagesimagesimages

Genre: Mystery; Thriller

Length: 410 Pages

Published: 2011 by St Martins Press





It was an amazing story and I really liked it. I picked and decided to read this book because of the words: she is a daughter of the worst serial killer in Canada. I wondered what she would do and how the story was going to end. Therefore, I started reading it and after that, I couldn’t stop. I wanted to know what Sara would do since almost everything in this book was unpredictable.

“Never Knowing” wasn’t like most mystery-thriller novels I used to read since it didn’t have gruesome details of both crime scenes and victims. Even without that ‘gruesome’ details, I still felt tense up and thrill at the same time. I could say that Sara really got to me; I felt like I was her psychiatrist and she told her story directly to me (which was awesome). I must give Chevy Stevens credits for that. I liked the way the story started at the peak spot and stayed that way until the end. Every characters was great in both behaviors and details.

Sara, the narrator of this story, had what most of behaviors that most of serial killers had but she tried to control it. However, this thing made her scared to death that she was a lot like her father. John, Sara’s birth father, was a rapist serial killer. Despite all that, I felt that if I looked pass the murderer part, he was a nice guy and he really loved Sara. I loved the tension when John talked to Sara over the phone because Sara made it very clear about how she felt and thought about him during that time. This thing made me wonder what John would react and what he truly wanted from Sara so I glued to the book.

Let’s move on to two cops, Billy and Sandy. I really liked Billy but at the same time I suspected him because he was too nice. That feeling was soon forgotten since I really hated Sandy. She was so mean … I knew it was a good cop and bad cop routine but I was still distasted her. However like they said don’t judge the book by its cover the same goes to every characters in this book.


This book was beyond the word ‘great’. Every knots had its way to come loose. There was nothing left for me to wonder. Chevy Stevens is a great writer.



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