The Lonely Boy

New York police officer consciously crept into a house at Ocean Avenue. He’d got a mysterious phone call about dismembered body inside this house. When he finally got in, he was curious and confused by what he saw. The house didn’t look gloomy and sinister like he envisioned a gruesome crime scene should be. The lights were on and the furniture were clean. However before the officer got a chance to sweep the area, he heard something. He slowly followed the voice to upstairs.

The sound was louder and louder each step he took. It was a melody from a piano. A few steps further, he finally reached the source. Quietly, the officer turned the door knob and peeked into the room. Inside, he saw a little boy playing the piano. From the height, the boy shouldn’t be older than seven years old.

Maybe he was in the wrong house or maybe it was just a prank call.

“Is this your house?” the officer asked skeptically.

The cute little boy nodded.

“What’s your name, boy, and where’s your parents?” he pushed for more information.

“Kevin,” the boy whispered, “and my parents are upstairs.”

The officer smiled at little Kevin before headed to the third floor. He saw the door to the room on the left was opened slightly, so he decided to walk in. The room was dark except for the light from television, so he search for a light switch. Unfortunately, he couldn’t see anything but movements on TV. After a while, he finally gave up and turned his attention to it.

He saw two people walking in the desert. They looked like a couple. He thought maybe they were the boy’s parents. The scene continued to show the expression of how much they loved each other. It would have been a normal home video if it hadn’t cut to the scene in which a man was asking about how the woman had broken her own nose.

“How’s your nose, babe?” the man, who was holding camcorder, asked with a concern in his voice.

“Hurt like hell,” she moaned and gingerly touched her nose. “That boy broke my nose but I taught him a lesson. He’ll be a good boy forever now,” she said with wicked smile that spread widely across her face.

Then, the screen turned into static.

Those last words kept echoing in the officer’s head. He knew something wasn’t right. He trusted his gut. Since for almost ten years he worked as a police officer, it helped him escape from dangerous situations and also helped him catch bad guys. Instinctively, he picked up the camera and rushed downstairs to ask the boy about the thing he just saw.

When reached downstairs, he rooted to the spot. Everything inside this house had changed. There was no light. It was pitch-dark so he took a few seconds to adjust his eyes. He looked around. Cleaned furniture were replaced by dirty ones, and the boy…

The boy whom he just talked to a few minutes ago…

The boy who sat on a piano bench and played a beautiful melody, was now gone.

The only thing he saw was bones on that now dirty chair. Ghost


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