Photo Challenge: McDonald’s Rarest Beverage

I understand that McDonald’s has “think global, act local” as their marketing strategy. It means that each country will have their own unique menus that match the needs of local people. However, the thing I don’t understand is how they could think that we doesn’t need Chocolate Milkshake in our country.


My eldest brother who is almost 10 years older than me told that when he was in elementary school, McDonald’s used to have that menu but then, one day, out of the blue it was gone. Since we couldn’t drink it in our country anymore, we intend to drink in every country we’ve ever set foot in. It was where I got a chance to try one of now the my favorite drink in the world.

It’s rare only in my country but easy to find anywhere else. So every times we go abroad, the first place we pay visit is their McDonald’s to order Chocolate Milkshake.


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  1. Suvi says:

    That is very strange! I have never heard of a country where McD doesn’t serve chocolate milkshake. What country is this?


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