Book Review: Kino no Tabi: The Beautiful World by Keiichi Sigsawa, Kohaku Kuroboshi (Illustrator), Andrew Cunningham (Translator)

Blurb: Destination is a state of mind. Kino wanders around the world on the back of Hermes, her unusual motorcycle. During their adventures, they find happiness, sadness, pain, decadence, violence, beauty, and wisdom. But through it all, they never lose their sense of freedom. This work tells the tale of one girl and her bike and the road ahead.



Sleepless Points: imagesimagesimagesimages

Genre: Light Novel; Fantasy; Young Adult

Length: 205 Pages

Published: 2006 by TokyoPop





“The World is not beautiful, therefore it is.” It was a first line in this book that caught my eyes; that phrase was one of many reasons why I read Kino no Tabi. I also wanted to thank my cousin who recommended and nearly forced me to read this book. I was so glad that she did since it was incredibly good book just like she said.


I had to say that Kino no tabi was one of those book that worth to read. The story in each chapter was the best social reflection; however, some part of it was surreal. It still affected my thought. Out of all eight chapters in this book (including prologue and epilogue), I loved ‘Land of Adults’ the most because it was the story before Kino became Kino. It was also because of all of ‘adults’ in this chapter reminded me of many adults in our world.


For characters, I did love Kino and Hermes (but I couldn’t pinpoint why I loved them). Maybe it was because they were both awesome (especially Kino) and they made the story more interested. That was all I could say about them right now.


Kino no Tabi was the first light novel that I’d ever read and I’d sure that this light novel would definitely be in my favorite bookshelves. Together



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