You Will Not Believe Whom I Had Met

Everything you’re going to read is true. As a dedicate writer, I’d never ever lie to you.

Up until today, my friends still don’t believe that I actually met him. They said that I might have a hallucination or something. However, after you finished reading this, I’m sure that you’ll believe me.

In the last year but I couldn’t remember exactly when, I was on my way home from a local convenient store. The sky was so clear. It was clear enough that I saw something move across the building. It was fast but I was sure that it was a man in a bright costume. Even his blurry figure was familiar to me.

Out of curiosity and excitement, I chased after him. After my maximum effort, my legs were weary. I was so exhausted I ended up losing him. I stood cluelessly in an alley that I didn’t recognize. I looked around in panic. Then I saw him behind a pile of barrel. I had a picture to prove that I actually saw him even if it might be hard to see.

But I really met him…

I really met Spider-Man.


Gotcha! You read it until here right?

I hope that now you’ll know that it was all a lie and I just tricked you to read it. I mean superheroes aren’t real; they’re just fictional characters. Don’t be mad; I’m kidding with you. Frame



2 Comments Add yours

  1. streetbiter says:

    Awesome. Did he kissed you like only spiderman does?


    1. sleeplessbookjunkies says:

      Unfortunately, it wasn’t raining, otherwise…


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