The Witch Slayer

“If you’re angry that I killed your parents, I’ll let you get your revenge on me, and I’ll wait until that day come.”

Ten year later,

Timon suddenly woke with a start. The witch’s voice was echoing in his head. He never forgot how his parents died. That was the only reason why he was here… to see the most powerful wizard of Merryweather, Gaston.

“Come on in, young man. I know you come here to ask me where Faline of Aurora is,” Gaston said with his low voice. “She is in the north of Merryweather. You should know that she is immortal. But since I own your mother, if this is what your heart desires, I’ll help you.”

Timon nodded without hesitation.

Gaston went back in his cave, took a small red crystal glass and a sword necklet, and gave them to Timon.

“This is the petal of a thousand years holy rose water. One drip of its can cure your injury, but you must not eat more than that. And, this is a magical weapon. If you think of your precious, it’ll change into a sword. This sword can kill Faline. Before you go, I have one important thing to warn you. If you find someone whom you love with your whole-heart, you must stop your vengeance.”

Timon said good bye to the wizard and walked through the north of Merryweather. On his way, he met the most beautiful woman in Merryweather, Perdita. She said that she knew where Faline’s castle was and decided to take him there after listen to his story.

Seven days and seven nights of traveling made them fall in love with each other. On the eight night, they finally came to the witch’s castle. The door was opened like Faline was waiting for him.

In the castle, it was dark. Timon and Perdita couldn’t see anything. They tried to fumble for the way to the forbidden tower. Few hours later, they saw the witch standing inside a big of a dozen of candles. Faline hadn’t changed even though ten year had passed.

“Come on, young man. Let’s end this,” said the witch.

When Timon thought of Perdita, the necklet changed in to a sharp dragon sword. He tried to use the sword to stab into her heart, but it was useless. This time Faline chanted an incantation at Timon. Ten spears fell from the sky and stabbed through his body. With his shaky hand, he reach for the red crystal glass and drank all of the petal of a thousand years holy rose water at once.

Faline said, “Your father betrayed my love because of your mother. He dumped me to live alone while he lived happily with her. That was why I killed them. They deserved to died”

Timon didn’t say anything. He launched at her with all his might and stabbed the sword through her heart. Faline and the dragon sword changed into dust and floated into the air.

After he killed his enemy, he turned back to look at Perdita, but she wasn’t there. He heard the voice of Gaston in his head.

“I warned you but you didn’t believe me. You changed Perdita into the sword and turned her into dust. You’re the one who killed your lover. You chose revenge instead of her. Please enjoy the lonely life that you’re accustomed to. Oh! I forgot to tell you now you are immortal.”


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